Why your natural hair is BEAUTIFUL


Long, short, medium length.

Lot’s when it’s wet, enough when it’s dry.

A little frizz here, a perfect style there.

Tight curls that frame your face.

Loose curls that hang in place.

Big puff, little puff.

Shrinking up when it dries, getting higher to touch the sky.

Shining in the sun, glistening when they styles done.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, your curls are beautiful.

Never compare yourself to the other gal, your curls are beautiful.

All unique texture, types and styles are welcomed here.

May you never be judged by your HAIR.

I will tell you this again, till my last breath.

No matter what the media, social post, say in their poll tests.

No matter how many times you see that certain texture represented best.



With much love,


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