Welcome to PeaceLoveandKaleGreens

Getting to know...ME #peaceloveandkalegreens

Hello Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my website and my blog. I feel so blessed to have come this far. First Let me introduce myself, My name is Chenrée (shin-ray), but I also go by Nakia Rae and I have this love for hair and teaching it, but I wanted to find a way to teach hair individually and have it tailored by the person and not one large setting. It all started off as a small idea I had talked with one of my best friends about, to eventually manifesting this consultation website, store and blog into a reality. I decided to have a blog portion to my website to go hand in hand with my YouTube page PeaceLoveandKaleGreens. I can't be the only one who is not always in the mood to watch a video but to read up on information.

"My Goal is to help others with their natural hair by giving them the most accurate information"

I hope you continue to visit my blog on a weekly basis to get some hair information. I also plan to add some lifestyle blogs as well, because lets be real, I am more than just hair lol. I also have a presence on social media, so follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I really hope to inspire the individuals around me and online, and teach that if you truly work hard you can achieve anything you set your mind to and work hard on.

I know it may seem like a lot, doing hair consultations, making YouTube videos, selling items online and having a blog, but I am a entrepreneur by heart and can't be put in a box to just one thing. I tried it, didn't work. So please join me on this crazy journey I'm about to endure. My goal is to help others with their natural hair by giving them the most accurate information. I have this passion for hair that cannot be stopped, so I am following my heart and ready for this crazy ride.


With much love,