Natural Hair Breakage and How to Prevent it

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

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I have heard the same thing time and time again. "Why is my hair breaking off?" "Why do I have so much shedding?" and so much more. Natural hair naturally breaks off easily. Typically type 3 and 4 hair are more susceptible to having dry hair. Don't get me wrong any type of hair can be dry, but the tighter the curls the drier the hair can be and harder to keep the moisture in.

So today I am going to be talking about hair breakage and why your hair keeps breaking off. Oh the Joy! I will discuss how to prevent hair breakage and the signs that you should look for to determine if you are experiencing hair breakage.

So what is hair breakage? That is when your hair gets pulled, snaps or strained in a certain part of the hair shaft and falls out. It can also fall out at the root as well if pulled too tightly. OUCH! just kidding it doesn't hurt, but if it does and is causing pain, discomfort and swelling remove the style immediately!

How can this happen? Chemicals weakening the hair shaft- such as hair dye, bleach, relaxers, perms. Too much protein, say you do a protein treatment too often but your hair does not need it. Tight hair styles such as ponytails, braids and cornrows. Any style that is pulling at your scalp or a certain section of hair. Too high of heat or too much heat like straightening or curling everyday. Not properly moisturizing your hair, which makes it in a constant dry state.

"Why is my hair breaking off?" "Why do I have so much shedding?"

So how do you prevent hair breakage? Do low maintenance / low manipulation styles most of the time. Keep your hairstyles simple, wear it out or in twists. Deep condition at least once a month. Be mindful of the heat and the amount of heat you are putting on your hair. I personally only straighten my hair twice a year. Don’t wear pony tails or buns all the time. Be mindful of the hair products you use, especially if it dries your hair out. Use alcohol free gel, if using gel. Also try not to use gel everyday or use a less hardening gel, your hair should not be left in a frozen state all of the time. Comb your hair properly, start from the ends and work your way to the roots. Make sure your hair is moisturized daily, if that means spraying water on your hair, then do that. Get regular trims at least every 12 weeks, this will remove the knots and split ends on your hair shaft.

How do I know if my hair is breaking off? If your hair is thick in some areas but thinner in the other areas, such as your edges. Lots of hair comes out when you wash your hair or de-tangle, typically you should be losing about 100 strands of hair a day. You notice one side of your hair, middle or front is shorter than other parts on your head. You notice lots of fly away's when you wear certain styles. You notice when your braid or twist your hair, the root area is very full, but towards the end it thins out dramatically. (This does depend on the hair cut you have as well).

Remember, there are outside factors that can cause hair breakage or loss, such as pregnancy, post pregnancy, medication or an illness. It would be best to speak with your doctor if any of those factors are causing hair loss.

So remember your hair is like a garden. The more you take care of it, nourish it and trim away some of the bad stuff, the healthier your hair will be in the long run. Patience is key!


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