Let's Wash and Go Go!


Ahh the dreadful, can't get it right, depends on the weather if it looks good, I put too many products in and it's holding it down, ok puff time, wash n go.

I get questions all of the time about how can I get my wash and go's to look better. I always recommend using the least amount of products for wash and go's then go from there. This is because too many products can weigh your hair down and then it just looks...Blah lol. Unfortunately with curly hair, one day your curls can be poppin like no other then the other flatter than a pancake or crepe...Mmm crepes.

My basic wash and go routine is shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, oil, then dry. Sometimes after the oil I might add a small amount of gel if I want to get a more defined look, but that is honestly for special occasions. I know sometimes people use, curl enhancers, curling cream, curling pudding, and still find themselves with the wash and go they never asked for.

One secret that is not really a secret I have is putting your hair in smaller sections and one by one put the leave-in, oil and cream or no cream of your choice, or cream then oil, again your choice lol. Then a curl enhancer or gel if that works for you as well. If I want a wash n go with more volume I rake the product into sections using my fingers, if I don't want as much volume I use the prayer hands method and when it dries separate the curls. I also do my wash n go's on extremely wet hair. You can experiment around to see if your hair works best on really wet hair or almost dry hair. One thing you will always do when you are natural is experiment, and that is ok.

I think the reason many people gave up on the wash n go is because the name made it sound like the easiest style you can do, wash and then go. Except wash day can take up to a couple hours to complete and you still need to put the products in and maybe wait for your hair to dry. Soooo you may wash but the go part isn't what it sounds like. I feel everyone can get the perfect wash n go if they experiment with what products and styling methods work for them. I also believe that people are not honest with the type of hair they have, some people's wash n go's are extremely defined, some are not. This all depends on your hair texture. Tighter coiled hair will not have the wavy wash and go look, and looser coiled hair will not always have the big volume to it. I think if the hair world was more honest, and everyone was not comparing their hair to the next natural, people wouldn't have such a struggle with their hair.

Recently I did a wash and go with the Earth Supplied line. It was not my favorite product to use for a wash n go, the next day my hair was dried out looking. To the touch it was fine, but I just was not feeling the dried out look. If you want to see the video click Here.

Let's talk about your wash and go's are you loving them or are you over them? Comment below and let me know!

With much Love,


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