How to manage and take care of your natural hair.

Simple steps that will help any beginner or even long term natural. #peaceloveandkalegreens #hairducation

There are so many trial on errors that you will go through, so so many.

I decided to tell you some easy steps on how to take care of your natural hair. Hopefully this will save you time and money. I feel like that is what many naturals waste, Time & Money. Whew, but not today.

Yes I know, everyone has different hair textures, regimens, amount of time in a day, lengths and any other excuse! I mean legitimate reasoning of why you cannot properly take care of your


What I am going to talk about is the basics, nothing fancy, nothing crazy, no super cute trending styles or accessories. Just you getting to know your hair. I am going to act as if you just started going natural, either by transitioning or a TWA. Teenie Weenie Afro. This info can also help with those who have been natural for some time now and just need help. Well here I am to help. #Hairducation

Ok, so you have just decided to go natural, what do you do? First, go and get the first expensive natural hair products you see on the shelf! WRONG. Don’t do that, I repeat don’t do that.

So your asking "how am I supposed to find out what works for me?" Well you don’t have to go and spend 100's of dollars on the first day. You want to get to know your hair, its texture, if you have course or fine strands. I am not going to lie, finding the right product can be stressful, but taking your time and seeing if that product truly works for you will help you in the long run.

One of my favorite hair products is Giovanni. It works wonders with a reasonable price tag starting at $8.99. I love their shampoo, conditioners and leave-ins. It works great for all hair types. And it is not too heavy and not too light of a product, because of this I feel this product can let you decide if you need a heavier product or a lighter product. (this is not sponsored by Giovanni- I just really love their products and recommend it because of my reasoning's above.) Check them out here.

Once you find a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner that works for you, you will then want to decide if you want to add a styling cream. Personally, I do not use styling creams, there are many on the market. I would suggest doing research on which one you believe would work best for your hair and what you can afford in your budget.

To properly shampoo and condition, if your hair is long enough section your hair. I do 4 sections, since my hair is tail bone length. When it was shorter I was able to do 2 sections. Do what works for you. Then you will want to shampoo and condition each section. This will also be when you de-tangle your hair, never de-tangle on dry hair. Wet one section, finger de-tangle as much as possible, shampoo, rinse, condition, de-tangle with conditioner in hair, with a wide tooth comb or denman brush from the ends to the root, then bantu or clip hair up. Then repeat on all sections, then let the conditioner sit for 3-5 mins then rinse out.

Now here is where this may get tricky, there is so many trial on errors that you will go through, so so many. Every video/blog I do, I am going to be honest, no butterflies and snowflakes, all real deal.


You will have to try out if the Leave-in, Oil, Cream method works for you or the Leave-in, Cream, oil works for you. This mainly deals with your hair porosity and how well it takes and needs moisture. I personally have a normal hair porosity. This means when I put water on my hair it takes water in at a normal pace. If it was high porosity then right when you put water on your hair it is immediately wet. For low porosity, the water will sit on top of the hair.

*Tip for low porosity* for about 5 mins in the shower or sink, keep running water on your hair and massage in, eventually your hair will take the water, it just takes time.

I will get into hair porosity in another video/blog.

But what about oil, well that too is another trial. If someone told you that going natural was easy, I got something to tell you. They lied, bruh. There are so many oils out there. I use all natural 100% oils. Like the ones you cook with, yup. I typically do not do any type of oil blend. I like knowing that my oil is 100% and not 5% and the rest fillers.

For example, there is Olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil and so many other oils. The cheapest oils are Olive oil and Coconut oil. Grapeseed oil and Jojoba oil tend to be on the pricier side. Again look at your budget and decide what works best for you.

More information Oils will be in an upcoming blog and video.

I use the Leave-in and oil method no cream since that does not work for me. Again I did not find this out until so many trials. Be sure to use the oil after your leave-in, this seals in the moisture for all natural hair types.

You will then need to decide what will be your go to low-maintenance hair style, this can be a twist-out, braid out, wash and go. You will find what works best for you and your lifestyle.

I feel the easiest time to do your LCO or LOC is when you are ready to style. I style immediately after I wash my hair, my styles turn out best on wet hair. This will be another trial on error for you. Some hair works best on slightly damp hair and some work best on 80% dry hair. If you do the last two methods you will then want to add your leave-in, oil and cream then wait. There is no waiting for me, I also do not towel dry my hair or use a T-shirt. I get as much water out of my hair when I am done cleansing it, and keep them in 4 bantu knots so it is not dripping wild.

I section my hair into small sections and decide what style I am going to do. I do not use much gel, but if you want to use a styling gel that works for you, of course you can. I sometimes use Eco styling gel, but not too much these days.

Once your hair is dry either, overnight or under a hooded drier with controlled heat, take down your braids or twists or fluff up your wash and go and style. Then you are ready to go.

How do I maintain the styles without re-washing? You will want to prep your hair at night, some do a pineapple (really high loose pony tail) you can also re-twist or re-braid. Do not comb the style out, just take a section and twist or braid. For wash and go’s I do two big buns, this keeps my wash and go fresh and also stretches the style as well for me. Then add your scarf or bonnet, and you are set for bed. In the morning take down the twists or braid. Add a little oil if needed. For my wash and goes, I mist my hair lightly with water and it looks nice and fresh with a lot more volume. Repeat each night until the style dies.

Once the style dies, it usually is not time to wash again. That’s when I do a ponytail, or bun. I use to do puffs- I miss those, but my hair is too long for the style. Be sure that the styles you do are not tight and pulling at your hair, this can cause breakage and you don’t want that.

So this is the basics on how to maintain natural hair, there is so much more, but hey I cant do everything at once.


With Much Love,