How to detangle/comb your hair...Properly



I know this may seem like the easiest topic to discuss. Like who doesn’t know how to comb their hair? "My mom had me combing my own hair since middle school, I know exactly what I’m doing." Do you? I’ve came across many people who still do not know how to properly detangle and comb their hair. I screech when I see it done wrong, especially in hair videos on YouTube. I’m going to be honest here, but how are you going to teach someone to do their hair or a style like yours when you are doing things like detangling/combing your hair improperly. I have mini heart attacks sometimes. AHH! people are watching! 100,000 views? Oh no! lol

To properly comb/detangle your hair, you need to start from the ends of your hair and work your way up. Not in the middle, not 3/4 down or ½ way up and especially NOT AT THE ROOTS! It’s easiest to de-tangle while washing your hair, but It may not be wash day and it may need combed. Be sure to put some moisture in it before combing, plain ass water will work fine. Do not comb your natural curls dry. Take sections that are easy for you to manage, add the amount of water your hair needs (I use a spray bottle) and start from the ends and work your way up to the roots. Do this every time, even if you are going through a section you have already done. I know you may be wondering what you should detangle/comb with, well that is up to you. You can use your fingers, denman brush or a wide tooth comb. (Do not use a styling comb or a comb with small teeth like a rat tail) Just be sure to start from the ends and work your way to the root, do not rake your hair. EEK! Even if your arms are tired or you must leave right away. Comb/detangle your hair properly, your curls will thank you for this.

Combing properly also prevents hair breakage and damage, which helps with hair growth and retention.

For some visuals, click here for the video. It's one of my quick and easy wash n go routines and shows how I detangle my hair in the shower.